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What we're dreaming of...

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Where are we going after our first bottle of ATOMIK grain spirit ? We're not aiming high (or at least trying not to let our dreams get out of control). We'd like people in the communities affected by Chernobyl to help production of ATOMIK, so the model we're trying to go for is for individuals to do very small scale fermentation and first distillation. We'll then buy this from them at a fair (above market value) price and Kyrylo, out Master Distiller (with help from his dad) will do the final distillation to produce some more bottles (a few hundred at first) of what we think is a wonderful drink. Check out what the barmen in the super-cool cocktail bar Swift in London thought about it when Victoria Gill from the BBC interviewed them.

We have to be honest that there are a lot of obstacles to overcome before we get where we want. Not surprisingly, there is a lot of regulation in Ukraine surrounding both the Chernobyl abandoned areas and alcohol production. So there's a lot of paperwork we need to do before we start production. We're scientists, so we're taking a trial and error (or Conjecture and Refutation) approach to the development of ATOMIK grain spirit.. our plans could change as our dreams are challenged by reality. And we might well mess it up altogether.

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