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ATOMIK Spirits Supporting Ukraine

Thanks to all our customers, we have managed to make some profits on sales of ATOMIK Spirits! We continue to work for the social enterprise without a salary and we haven't any dividends, so we have managed to make nearly £30,000 of donations to support Ukraine so far. We thought we'd share with you some pictures on what the money has been spent on. Last year, we donated food to help people In Ivankiv (just south of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone) recover from the Russian invasion and also provided firefighters with masks - there were many wildfires in the north of Ukraine and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone during and after the Russian invasion. We also gave money to help renovate the High School in Narodychi, a semi-abandoned area to the West of Chernobyl. The school bought blinds to brighten up corridors and classrooms, installed a new cloakroom for the kids to put their winter coats and are in the process of buying some new furniture to begin replacing the Soviet-era desks and chairs.

Please keep supporting ATOMIK spirits. The war in Ukraine is as important and devastating as ever as Kyrylo, one of our Directors knows first hand: he has been called up to the front line and has been serving since August. He is well so far but our thoughts are with him and his family.

With all the horrors going on in Ukraine and elsewhere, it sometimes seems that our efforts don't make much difference, but they do. They make people's lives a little bit better as I hope the photos below will show.

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