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ATOMIK: Cocktails and Charity

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

In a big step forward for ATOMIK, we've just partnered with The Whisky Barrel to open up sales to customers outside the UK including North America and parts of Europe. The available bottles sold very quickly, but there are still a few of our Pear and Plum Spirits left. We've also been doing some test deliveries to Germany and Austria and are hoping to open up sales there sometime in September.

As promised, here's another cocktail recipe for those who have bought or want to buy ATOMIK Pear Spirit - the Pear Martini. We always thought a martini was vodka or gin with vermouth, but apparently (unless you're a purist) you can get away with calling anything a martini so long as it's served in a cocktail glass. So here's our ATOMIK Pear Martini and very delicious it is too:

3 Parts ATOMIK Pear Spirit

1 Part orange liqueur (e.g. Cointreau)

3 Parts pear juice

1 Part lemon juice

serve all mixed together and chilled in a cocktail glass. Increase or decrease the proportion of pear juice and lemon for a longer or shorter drink.

In April, we made a donation to and NGO run by our friend Aleksandr Sirota. Aleksandr was evacuated from Pripyat after the Chernobyl accident and set up this NGO to maintain and support the community of Pripyat evacuees. Since February 24th, the NGO has been supporting people affected by the Russian invasion in areas north of Kyiv (now back in Ukrainian hands). Aleksandr used the money we gave them to help provide basic products to people in outlying communities who had been left with very little after the Russian invasion.

Our donation was also used to help provide facemasks to firefighters working in the Ivankiv area. Firefighters in Ukraine often don't have even this basic safety equipment - this causes particular concerns for them when they have to fight wildfires in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (CEZ). Our research has shown - perhaps surprisingly - that resuspension of radioactivity in wildfires isn't a big problem, even in the CEZ. But smoke inhalation of any kind is a serious issue for firefighters, so we're happy to help supply masks.

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