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Summer ATOMIK cocktails - The Jack Rose

Despite the ongoing terrible events in Ukraine, we're still working hard on the ATOMIK Spirits project. After some great media coverage in April, ATOMIK is selling really well in the UK so (to our amazement and gratitude to our customers) it looks like we have a viable Social Enterprise. Sorry once again to our many friends outside the UK, but deliveries overseas, especially to the US and Canada look impossibly complicated in the near future. We're keeping stock back for overseas, though and currently trying some test sales in a couple of European countries - more about this in my next Blog soon.

Now that summer is (more-or-less) here in the UK we thought we'd share some ATOMIK cocktail recipes. The first is a classic and easy to make Jack Rose made with ATOMIK apple spirit. The Jack Rose is named from its main ingredient - applejack or apple spirit - and its colour. It was very fashionable in the USA in the 1920's and '30's but is less well known now despite its delicious, refreshing flavour. You can make it in various strengths - the classic is mainly apple spirit, but we like it a bit longer and less alcoholic. This is how we make it:

3 parts ATOMIK Apple Spirit

2 parts lemon juice

2 parts grenadine

Serve chilled with a twist of lemon for garnish.

You can buy grenadine from some supermarkets, or make your own with pomegranate juice and sugar.

We haven't forgotten the primary purpose of the ATOMIK project - to help communities in the Chernobyl affected areas of Ukraine. We've recently made a donation to an NGO now working there to support those affected by the Russian aggression. We'll update you on what they've done with the money soon.

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