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ATOMIK Spirit Production - July 2020 UPDATE

This is our first update in a long time as we haven’t had much news recently on developing production of ATOMIK spirit. But we have some news now – both good and bad. We’ll start with the bad news. We have been waiting for Ukraine to allow private production of spirits, as all production has been state controlled up to now. Due to recent changes, private production can begin in 2021, but at the moment licensing costs are too high and the mechanism to get a licence is not yet clear. We’re hoping that an arrangement will be made in the coming months for craft distillation at lower licensing cost, but are not sure if and when this will happen.

Now for the good news. Private distillation of spirits made from fruit is possible, so we have a plan to produce a spirit made from apples (and maybe pears). The apple harvest is coming up in Narodychi (a town we’re working with in the Chernobyl affected area) in the next few weeks. We’re planning to buy enough apples from local people there to be able to produce a batch of apple spirit, working with a small-scale fruit distillery in Ukraine. Apple spirit at 40% alcohol (an apple brandy, often called “applejack” in the U.S.) is like a grain spirit but (obviously…) with flavours from the fruit.

We’re hoping to have a few hundred bottles to sell (likely at first in the UK only) towards the end of this year. We’ll keep you informed if and when this becomes available to buy.

Many thanks for your continued interest in our project.

Best wishes,

Jim (on behalf of the Chernobyl Spirit Community Interest Company)

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