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The Chernobyl Spirit Company is a Social Enterprise producing high quality (and safe!) spirits made from crops harvested near Chernobyl. At least 75% of profits go to helping rebuild communities in Ukraine impacted first by Chernobyl and now by the war.


Buy our unique 5x distilled Apple Spirit (42% ABV) and small batches of Pear (42% ABV) and Plum (52% ABV) Spirits here. We can deliver to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and within the UK. Customers in the USA and some other countries can order via The Whisky Barrel


Keep on reading for more information about our project. You can subscribe to our mailing list for updates here.


Who we are...

The Chernobyl Spirit Company is a Social Enterprise producing high quality spirits from land in the areas of Ukraine abandoned after the Chernobyl accident. More than thirty years after the accident, we believe that what these areas need most is economic development and management of the unique wildlife resource the abandoned areas represent. At least 75% of profits from sales of ATOMIK will go to supporting communities in the affected areas and wildlife conservation.

Photo: Tatiana Deryabina

The Science

The Science..

Our group of Ukrainian and UK scientists has been studying the transfer of radioactivity to crops both in the main Exclusion Zone (CEZ) and in the Narodychi District within the Zone of Obligatory Resettlement, where land can't officially be used for agriculture, but people still live.

The research shows that in many areas land could now be used to produce crops which are safe to eat. As every chemist knows, distillation of fermented crops leaves many heavier elements in the waste product so the distillate alcohol is much more radioactively "pure" than the original grain. We have used distillation to reduce radioactivity in the crop even further to make a product from Chernobyl which we hope people will want to try!


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